I am not mad, I am just a science student.

You will agree with me that being a science student is a headache, In fact you tell your friends some things and they tag you ‘spiritual’. I know you’re yet to believe me but after my examples I am sure you would.

As a science student, you don’t want to expose your body because you know the effect of too much of ultra violet rays on your skin or you know the right time to go under the sun when it is more nutritious than dangerous.

You run away from or seldom use unnatural cosmetics or all cosmetics because you have worked so much in the laboratory and you know how disastrous acids can be on the skin, either concentrated or diluted especially when used for a long time, and the effect of the cream or powder on your facial pores.

They think you’re antisocial and rude because whenever they try to hug you, you move away and your only acceptable greeting is a bow. You save yourself the stress of explaining to them how you had your bath with a good antiseptic soap and you’re not even sure if they had their baths.
People breath on your skin irritates you so much because because you imagine your skin as that culture medium you put in the incubator last week and the gross microorganism growth you woke up to see.

He thought it was okay to give you a peck on the cheek but you screamed like a mentally disordered person because you imagine his saliva contains Staph aureus, now you have been infected, even a bath in ethanol wouldn’t help you.

After washing your hands with soap and further cleaning it with hand sanitizer, someone returns your pen to you and you’re like “just drop it on the floor, I’ll pick it up later”. Crazy! Yeah you’ll pick it up when you’re ready to have your next bath.

It’s 24 hours in a relationship and he is demanding a kiss. Wait, can I take your sputum for m/c/s test to know what you’re harboring then treat you for two weeks before the kiss? Or even after two weeks, go to a dentist for severe mouth wash and probably after that, go back for the test to see if the microorganisms are totally eradicated.

Or the worst of all, he wants to have sex with you and you remember the last semen microscopy and culture you handled during your I. T, the pathogens you saw in the microscope and even on the culture plate. Even how you scrubbed your hand with hypo, dettol and Izal after carrying out the test. Then you come like “I am not ready for this”.

Or you’re finally pregnant and you’re so picky about what you eat because you want your child to get all the essential nutrients from around the world. “Darling, the apple in Canada, I heard it is rich in tryptophan”. Or “Baby, can you order some potatoes from China? I heard it is very rich in folic acid and that’s exactly what I need as a pregnant woman”.

Being a science student is the hardest thing in life. Comment as a scientist.